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Houdini Coming to Vancouver, British Columbia

Posted: February 24th, 2017, 11:31 pm
by MagiCanuck
Houdini will soon be in Vancouver!

Well, he was back in 1923 - and he will be again in upcoming posts at Canada's Magic.

Check out daily re-constituted coverage on the exact same days of Houdini's one and only appearance in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Relive daily updates on his straitjacket escape stunt challenge and local reviews of his triumphant return to vaudeville - incorporating that most modern of technologies, silent movies.

It's all at Canada's Magic - every day for the next seven days - starting *tomorrow* - Saturday, Feb. 25th to Friday, March 3rd inclusive, beginning around 12 noon ET.

(And if you are reading this in the future, feel free to go back and look it up on the site. After 94 years, what's a few more?)

Find it here:

Re: Houdini Coming to Vancouver, British Columbia

Posted: March 6th, 2017, 5:09 pm
by MagiCanuck
Houdini has left Vancouver!

Many thanks to all of you who dropped by Canada's Magic during their recent seven days of daily coverage reconstituting Houdini's one and only 1923 visit to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Special thanks to John Cox for his help promoting the mini-series and very kind words throughout it of support and encouragement.

For those of you who missed it - or who might like to review the seven posts together - here is the direct link to Part One... (Subsequent parts can be reached in chronological order from it). ... art-1.html