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Houdini in 1916

Posted: January 1st, 2016, 12:16 pm
by JohnCox
My tradition is to kick off the new year by taking a look back at what Houdini was up to 100 years ago. We are so accustomed to the story of Houdini's life as a whole that focusing on a single year can be somewhat revelatory. So what was 1916 all about for HH? Well, he took his first tour of Texas, Woodrow Wilson saw his act, his founded a film lab, built his own tomb, and struck up his friendship with Harry Kellar. He also said this:

"I'll still be entertaining the public for many years to come, but I intend to do it along lines not quite so spectacular. As an escapist extraordinary I feel that I'm about through."

Did he mean it? Click below and have a read, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!