Video - Moi-yo Miller Montes recreates The Lazy Magician

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Video - Moi-yo Miller Montes recreates The Lazy Magician

Postby Kent Blackmore » December 5th, 2015, 10:33 pm

In 2002, Australian-born Moi-yo Miller Montes, former chief assistant and co-star to magician Harry "Dante" Jansen (1883-1955), returned to Australia to live.
Moi-yo Miller is the name which the magic world still associates with glamour and sophistication, the beauty and poise that made the "Sim Sala Bim" show a spectacle never to be forgotten.

To honour her contribution to magic, the 28th Australian Convention of Magicians held a special "welcome home" tribute to Moi-yo, including a narrated slideshow and the presentation of an engraved vase. As part of the event, Miss Miller graciously agreed to take part in a re-creation of Dante's famous "Lazy Magician" routine, with illusionist and historian Gerald Taylor taking on the role of Dante. This unique event was conceived and created by historian Brian McCullagh. Saturday June 9, 2002, Sydney Australia.

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