Jordan and de Bruijn Sequences

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Jordan and de Bruijn Sequences

Postby Bill Mullins » July 29th, 2014, 7:48 pm

Charles Jordan normally gets credit for introducing de Bruijn sequences into magic with his effect "Coluria" from Thirty Card Mysteries (1919).

However, a few years earlier H. Syril Dusenbery had a single ad for his manuscript Premier Card Tricks (see Sphinx Aug 1916 p 121). One of the tricks described is "Premier Coluria", and the description of the effect is similar to that of Jordan's "Coluria". So I'm wondering if the methods are similar as well, and if Dusenbery should get credit for de Bruijn sequences.

Dusenbery's manuscript seems to be pretty obscure -- I can find no further references to it in AskAlexander, or anywhere else. In The Bat Apr 1949, Dusenbery says even he doesn't have a copy any longer.

So, I'm asking around (and cross-posting at a couple different places) -- does anyone on this board have a copy that they'd be willing to examine, or send me a scan or copy? Thanks . . . .

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