History of Hot Rod wanted

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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » August 21st, 2002, 7:54 pm

Thank you all for the e-mail regarding my Zodiac force. For more details see www.tonybaronio.com and click on the magicians only button. The force is explained there and you should have no problem making the prompter card. You might want to jot my name down before you go to Tony's site. I hope you enjoy the force.


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » August 21st, 2002, 11:08 pm

Originally posted by joeM:
The HotRod Knife is the latest improvement and combines the two great close-up effects,the HotRod and the Color-Changing knives. The knife is available in two force colors along with a standard matching knife. You can see the details at http://www.magic-stars.com. The knives are Mogar Knives and match the other sets.
Honestly, I don't see how that's an improvement.

FWIW, the best Hot Rod I ever owned was made by Hampton Ridge a while back (I got it about eight and a half years ago). It was made out of wood (oak, I believe) and was fairly thin in width and square rather than rectangular. This size and shape made the paddle move soooooo smooth with it, and it practically turned itself over when doing the spin change.


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » August 22nd, 2002, 10:22 am

The first Hot Rod ad I saw was Tannens. The original hot rod was black plastic. The improved clear rod came about awhile later. It was a big improvement. You had to have had an old black version and then used the new clear one and you could hear the difference in the audience reaction. You can't discuss different Hot Rods unless you actually have one made by Jim Zee to compare yours to. There is a very big difference.
Jim Zee did not use his name on his products. His business name was magic workshop. I am surprised that the magic dealers are not helping with the history of this trick. They should know who made the first hot rods and who made the multitude of inferior copies.

Mitch Dutton
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Mitch Dutton » August 22nd, 2002, 1:25 pm

It seems the Hot Rod has slipped into 'public domain' like so many great effects. Just like aspirin. Like Kleenex and Band-Aid almost did. The Enchanted Woodshop is selling their "Rhinestone Stick" in Cherry or Oak wood with 7mm rhinestones as a set with a dummy to hand for examination. It looks really nice, though from what I can tell from the picture has the rectangular shape rather than square... you might want to check out their website. --Mitch

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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Scott » August 22nd, 2002, 6:23 pm

I have the Hot Rod mentioned earlier which changes colors twice and then is examinable.

One word....


Nothing compares to the normal version IMHO.


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » February 19th, 2003, 8:04 pm

Richard- I knew keith well while going to college in Rochester. A few of us used to get together a couple times a week at a restaurant "jsut to play"
I have a coule of his mechanical locking hot rods and they truly are great. The "move" is still used but a SECOND change can be done and the whole thing locks to allow inspection at the end.

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Pete Biro
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Pete Biro » February 20th, 2003, 10:56 am

Right now on ebay there are several variations of "Hot Rod" for sale. Black, Brass, Wood, etc. Do a search. ;)
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Randy DiMarco
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Randy DiMarco » February 20th, 2003, 1:14 pm

Keith Walker still sells his "Golden Rainbow Stick". You start out with six different colors then all the spots turn to the selected color. You then offer to repeat and all the spots change to a second selected color. The stick is then examinable. It can then be reset to use 2 different force colors. I don't know the price but they used to be $50. You can e-mail Keith at kw@vimfg.com


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » June 16th, 2004, 12:02 pm

We have our all new "Driscoll's Calendar Force" coming out soon, (check with Hocus Pocus, Elmwood Magic or any other reputable online dealer) Driscolls Calendar Force will have you asking a spectator for any important date then spelling to that date on your Hot Rod. This can be pretty cool as you will be using the exact date mentioned, it could be a birthday, wedding anniversary, the day you were hired, fired, or retired; just spell to it and it'll be your force stone/item every time.

Driscolls Calendar Force is being re-released with the Magic of Helenes old stock; which she got from Jim Kline's American Magic Company, there are only about 1000 of these left and they are filled with some nice information so buyers will be getting a ton of usable Hot Rod or other one to six alternate forces.


Bill Palmer
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Bill Palmer » June 16th, 2004, 3:37 pm

I don't know where he got the idea from or to whom he paid royalties, if any, but during the early 1970's, up until 1977, Dr. Wes Starbuck of Mystofire Magic in Bellaire TX manufactured clear Hot Rods. He had these assembled by disabled and mentally challenged people at one of the rehab facilities.
Bill Palmer, MIMC


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » June 16th, 2004, 5:39 pm

In the late fiftey's Ken Allen of New Jersey put

out " Jumping Gems ", Which was rhinestones on

a black plastic square rod like a "Hot Rod". As

best as I can remember " Hot Rod " was the same

period . I have a set of his house organ " Allen's

Attic " filed away in the archives , later I may

search them.......Mike

Edwin Corrie
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Edwin Corrie » June 17th, 2004, 4:55 am

I recently came across "Jumping Spots" by G.M. Jamison (might be wrong on the initials) in J.G. Thompson's "My Best" (1946). I know it's not the same as Hotrod, but Jumping Gems has been mentioned a few times in this thread, and this seems to be very similar.

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Richard Kaufman » June 17th, 2004, 11:15 am

Didn't someone write a small booklet on the history of "Hot Rod?"
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Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Brad Henderson » June 17th, 2004, 11:46 am

I have one of the Original Walker Rainbow Sticks and like it quite a lot. Sadly, it has been knocked off. The quality of the knock offs are not as high, as one would expect, hence the "joke" acclamation seen on a previous post.

I keep mine set to change from red to blue. I show the rod and ask them to name a color. I hold the rod casually flashing the colors, but my thumbs hide pretty much everything but the red and blue.

As you know, when most people are told to think of a color QUICKLY "red" is the choice. If you phrase the query differently, allowing them time, blue will come up.

So, psychologically, one has an excellent chance of being able to perform a "named color" hot rod. With the Walker stick, you can use a variation of the Tamariz ruse to justify both changes:

"Do me a favor, name a color? Blue? Is that your favorite color? (yes)Really? Well mine is red. If I shake the rod, everything turns to red. But that's not your favorites color, your's was blue. With a little spin...."

Likewise, if they name Red, you ask if red is the favorite color. If it is, you change it, if not ask them what their favorite color is. If they name blue, you change first into the named color and then into their favorite color. A double whammy.

If red isn;t their favorite color, nor blue, then you follow the red change into a change into YOUR favorite color which IS blue.

If they name any other color, then you can either point out that the color is not on the rod, but they may be thinking everyone picks "XXXX" because it's so popular. Afterall, they named it when its not even a choice. You want this to be random. Tell them since there are six colors....

If they name one of the colors on the rod that is NOT one of the two changes, similarly: "Is that your favorite color? (If yes - "see, you might think that I found out your favorite color, that wouldn;t be fair, so to make this completely random...) or "really, did you know that 'xxxx' is the most popular color named? So it wouldn't be fair for me to have such an advantage, let's make this completely RANDOM? There are six colors....."

After the double change I often perform the old shrinking cigarette illusion before handing it out. One, it takes a bit of heat of the change and rod, and two its a very cool trick. (I am thankful to Al Cohen for teaching that to me.)


Re: History of Hot Rod wanted

Postby Guest » June 21st, 2004, 4:19 am

Jim Maloney writes: ". . . does anyone know a better force (than the horrible spelling thing) to use for the Hot Rod?"

In my Showtime column in the Linking Ring magazine of February, 2003, I have a routine called The Gypsy Rod, which uses only five stones on the rod (I make my own) and has a better (but still not perfect) force.

If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I'll gladly send you a copy of the column.

Peter Marucci

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