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Chronicle of Magic: 1900-1999

Posted: June 8th, 2003, 4:26 am
by Michael Edwards
I received my copy of David Hibbert's Chronicle of Magic: 1900-1999 this weekend. This 327 page compilation magician's performances in Great Britain is really a remarkable -- albiet frustrating -- resource. Mr. Hibbert has put together what appears to be an almost comprehensive listing of who performed where and when for the entire century. "Listing" is the key word here. As the author notes in his introduction, "it is a book of headlines to whet the appetite." The format is relatively straightforward. Each decade has an introductory overview and then a day by day listing of virtually all the major magic events and reported performances by conjurers throughout Great Britain. The challenge is that there is no master index by performers or venue, though there is a who's who that is intended to show the first year that an individual performer appears in the Chronicle as well as his or her age at the time of that appearance. This is one book that cries out for a digital, fully searchable version. That said, it is a wonderful piece of research and a great asset for those interested in magic and its history.