Interesting item on eBay (might be related to Pepper’s Ghost)

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Tom Sawyer
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Interesting item on eBay (might be related to Pepper’s Ghost)

Postby Tom Sawyer » May 14th, 2024, 2:02 am

This was new to me, but it may be well-known to those interested in Pepper’s Ghost and the like. I spent a noticeable amount of time reading through the materials offered in the listing, and I didn't really understand the parts that I read, but it sorta seemed to have a Pepper's Ghost vibe. The listing is basically a letter with advertising material on the reverse side, and NOT the actual device.

Research on Google Books reveals many advertisements for the device. The image in the listing isn't super clear, but at least one fairly clear ad on Google Books shows an empty cigar-box, and a full cigar-box, which I gather the spectator sees at different times.

The listing is titled thusly: “Frank Perkins of Electric Illusion 1908 Original Letter hand-signed.”

Please note that I know nothing about this dealer and I have nothing whatsoever to do with the listing. I am just passing along a little information that to me is of historical interest.

—Tom Sawyer

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