Vizio Android Tablet

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Vizio Android Tablet

Postby Bill Mullins » October 7th, 2011, 9:52 pm

Costco has dropped the price on the Vizio tablet to about $240, so I got one. There are are a couple of glitches WRT digital Genii:
1. The cover image doesn't display on the Askalexander home page.
2. The video media links (like RK's commentary) don't seem to have links behind them.
3. The audio links do have links, but they go to 404 "page missing" screens.

Not related to Genii, but I don't yet know how to get the PDF's from Askalexander to display or download.

Even more off-topic, can anyone recommend any good magic trick Apps for the Android OS?

Even farther OT, can anyone recommend any good Android Apps suitable for a bright four-year old?

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