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New Magic Theatre & Cafe

Postby Robert Kane » May 9th, 2004, 11:11 am

Finally, the San Francisco Bay Area has a magic performance venue to call its very own again. This is thanks to Gerry Griffen of California Magic who recently opened his new Magic Theatre and Club 52 Caf in downtown Martinez (35 minutes east of San Francisco). I attended last nights dinner performance and it was a real and decidedly professional treat.

First, the doors to club/theatre opened and we entered to see a wide array of magic photos, posters and other assorted memorabilia adorning the walls and filling shelves throughout. This was a lot of fun for all to look at and served as great conversation starters prior to dinner. We then proceeded to be seated for dinner at comfortable restaurant style tables next to the club stage designed especially for the location.

Chef Paul and his staff served a baby greens salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing that served as a nice starter to a delicious supper of roast, marinated chicken, seasonal vegetables and chef's potatoes. Plus, there was coffee, iced tea or lemonade as well as beer, wine, soft drinks and some killer cappuccinos and lattes.

Following dinner, Gerry Griffen, as emcee, led the audience through a tight set of comedy magic performances by Timothy James, The Flying Calamari Brothers and none other than Steve Youell, up from LA, to perform his outrageous Magic Castle act to a delighted and appreciative crowd.

Congratulations to Gerry Griffen for taking the chance to put together this exciting new venue for the performance of magic. Check it out and support the art.

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