Limited Supply

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Limited Supply

Postby ChastainCriswell » September 1st, 2005, 6:09 am

For anyone out there that did not buy Tag Tag Along or Deface for any reason, now is your chance to get it at the lowest price yet. I am selling a limited amount of each on Ebay. 10 Tag Tag Along Combos and 10 Defaces
Tag Tag Along combo usually selling and still selling at $20 on my website will be going for $15 including shipping on ebay at the limited qunity of 10 and Deface that is usually $13 plus shipping will be going for $10 including shipping. So Shipping is free and you are saving money at the same time. Get in now folks before they are all gone.

Tag combo - ... %3AIT&rd=1

Deface - ... %3AIT&rd=1

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