Have you been Ripped Off?

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Mark Jensen
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Have you been Ripped Off?

Postby Mark Jensen » May 27th, 2002, 10:48 am

This is a spin off of the Mr. Gadfly topic in another catagory.

Many of us have been ripped off over the years. These are the facts as I know them in cases that I've been involved in.

I've been relatively lucky on the amount of $$$ that I've lost, but here are my two tales of woe:

ONYX - I was a charter subscriber and when issue number 12 did not arrive on schedule (This would be the July - August - September 2000 issue) I emailed Ken Simmons and received a reply that things had been delayed but the next issue would be out in about a month. Six months later, still no issue. After several emails I requested a refund of my remaining subscription. He responded that he would refund the remaining amount of the subscription. I never received that refund.

Krypts Quarterly Crier - I subscribed for one year. Only received 2 (Volume Seven Books One and Two - 1999 I think) of the 4 issues I subscribed for. I had to email David Zver every time to receive those 2 issues. Responses to emails were that he was sick, etc. Bottom line, he never took a proactive approach to notify his customers that the issues would be delayed and never delivered on the remaining issues (2). I finally gave up - (I wasn't going to renew my subscription anyway based on the value of the content (my opinion).

:mad: It is my opinion that anyone who takes your money and does not deliver the product that you have paid for is a thief. These two people have taken my money and not delivered and they have shown no remorse or made any effort to remedy the situation.

Since it is now mid 2002 there are no acceptable excuses that these two individuals can give me that I would accept.

With these individuals I would take the saying, "Caveat Emptor" to heart.



Re: Have you been Ripped Off?

Postby Guest » May 27th, 2002, 12:07 pm

Over the years, there have been many "thieves" in our little community of magic. I applaud you for naming names in this public forum. I suggest we all follow suit and let other know when these things happen.
Perhaps RK will establish a "Hall of Shame" where a list can be kept of such individuals. And, in fairness, we can be notified when one of them accepts his responsibilites and makes restitution.

Bill Mullins
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Re: Have you been Ripped Off?

Postby Bill Mullins » May 28th, 2002, 9:53 pm

Add Bob LaRue to this list. Where is the remainder of my subscription to his Infinity magazine? He claims he sold the assets of the magazine to Sean Popp, but never notified subscribers nor provided us with any evidence. Bob LaRue owes me $20 (not a huge amount, but stealing is stealing).

Bill Mullins

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