Pabular CDRom Update

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Pabular CDRom Update

Postby pduffie » September 29th, 2002, 3:02 am

I had an email conversation with Martin Breese last week during which, I asked him if he would clarify the situation regarding the absence of Jerry Sadowitz's work from the Digital Pabular. Martin told me that Jerry had told him that he was not to publish any more of his work otherwise he would take action against him.

Martin said that he knew that he was on to a loser: If he reproduced Jerry's work in the Digital Pabular Jerry would probably threaten some form of action. If he left Jerry's contributions out of Pabular Jerry would accuse him of magical censorship. Martin took the route which would provide the least legal pain. Martin tells me that he is making enquiries about how to put Jerry's work back on the CDRom and he may be offering to exchange a CD without Jerry for one with Jerry on board. This may be done just for the cost of the postage. If this deal goes ahead Martin will be posting the info on his website:

Martin also told me that the entire matter was really all rather stupid because he owns the copyright to the majority of Jerry's Pabular material in any case! I think most of it is reprinted in books.

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