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Tim David
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Gossip Gossip

Postby Tim David » September 19th, 2002, 12:15 am

Ah, what would the magic community be like without gossip?

I noticed on my favorites list about 7 magic chat pages or discussion boards that I visit frequently.

I should probably talk less and book more shows.

Before I go, I should give you all something juicy to gossip about.

Someone on this board has a very strange physical handicap.

My fingers are made of metal.

This makes doing the Raven a little more difficult than if I had normal fingers.

In fact, I have a real hard time doing coin tricks of any kind. Trying to avoid the incessant "talking" proved to be a waste of time.

Thumb tips don't match my skin tone and the old pull my finger gag has a different meaning.

Ok of course all that isn't true, but at least you can gossip about how weird the new guy is!

Tim David
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