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Posted: May 20th, 2002, 3:21 pm
by Guest
Celebration 2002 just ended in Tucson, Arizona and the Saturday night show was a barnbarner at the Temple of Music and Art with 600 people in attendance. Greg Frewin opened with his award winning FISM bird act followed by Las Vegas Illusionist Charles Bach. Vito Lupo, another FISM winner closed the 1st half of the show. The Fabulous Valentis started off the second half and Mike Michaels with Robot 9000 (recent cover of Magic Magazine closed the show. Kerry Pollock was the emcee and the whole thing was directed by David Sandy. What an event! Also performing at the conference were Dan Harlan, Michael Ammar, Lanny Kibby, John Shryock, Eric Buss, Bob Kohler, and Geoff Williams. There were panel discussions on the topics of Stagecraft, Creativity in Magic, The Art of Magic and Marketing. If you missed this event, it was great. For those of you who attended and participated, thanks. Anyone else in attendance got any feedback?


Posted: May 28th, 2002, 10:50 am
by Guest
This is the second real use I have seen of panel discussions and Q&A for the audience. Free for all questions to the likes of Vito Lupo (very candid answers) Eric Buss (very creative and thoughtful answers) Dan Harlan (down to earth material and answers) and a range of lectures for ALL tastes made this the most unique of conventions....rivaled for information only by personal sessions with masters, master classes and the Blackstone Conclave bar.