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Kreskin commercial airs in NY markets

Posted: October 11th, 2002, 5:39 pm
by MaxNY
Last night during "Survivor" the new Kreskin commercial aired, attracting local flair. The product is the New Jersey Lottery. Two diners at some greasy spoon are discussing what they want for breakfast, when Kreskin spins around, dressed in a full Tux. --- "I can see you have a desire for the same old...? Why not try something new.."
This waitress then says "Hey aren't you Kreskin"
---"The "Amazing" Kreskin. And here's a tip from this Jersey boy... now you can get two....."
---"That's amazing, Kreskin" says the waitress.
---"So now you've got the name, get in the game..." End graphic.
He is sporting those big glasses, even bigger with a wide angle lens. He tries to sport a fanned "deck" of lotto cards in one hand, it looks awkward. Twas probably the director's vision (along with the Tux). What I really liked was this very subtle wind whipping sound effect they added every time that he turned around, or moved. It's very low, but works well!