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Question on Gypsy Floss

Posted: May 27th, 2002, 4:03 pm
by Mark Jensen
I see that Alex McLittle has released a version of the Gypsy Thread using dental floss. The description says:

Alex McLittle's Gypsy Floss offers a fresh, new twist on this classic of magic. In place of the spool of thread, Alex's version uses a dental floss dispenser (which immediately opens up new presentational possibilities) and you can now perform the trick up to seven times in a row with just a single preparation!
On another thread Lonnie Chevrie (sp?) was credited with this (a lot of discussion on whether this was a significant enough improvement to warrant crediting took place). My question is does anyone know if this is a rip off or did Alex develop this independently or prior to Lonnie's use of this prop.



Re: Question on Gypsy Floss

Posted: May 27th, 2002, 9:50 pm
by Tim Trono
Hi Mark. I think Alex McLittle's version of the gypsy dental floss is a significant step back from Lonnie Chevrie's version and some of the other versions that have come out. Lonnie's version is on a new video tape put out by Brian ONeill featuring some of the performers at this year's Dallas Close-Up Convention. You can get Brian's contact info, product info, etc. at his site I purchased Alex's version and was VERY disappointed (on top of being agitated at his lack of proper credit/research). If he improved the handling I would definitely give him a nod for that but he has not... it's actually significantly less practical, less convincing, etc. For a few extra bucks you can buy Brian's video and also receive effects by Chad Long, John Mendoza, Paul Cummins, etc. Lonnie invented his Dental Floss Gypsy thread in 1975, and as far as I am aware, was the first person to create this. After reading Alex's instructions and poor "history" it is fairly easy to deduce that this is a somewhat recent creation by him. Hope this info helps.

Tim Trono