Potter and Potter auction

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Bill Mullins
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Potter and Potter auction

Postby Bill Mullins » May 2nd, 2020, 10:51 pm

Many lots from Johnny Thompson exceeded the high estimate. I don't know if that is cabin fever from the pandemic, or just that Thompson was held in such high regard and people wanted something that belonged to him (or perhaps were taking advantage of an opportunity to help Pam).

For example, a set of Tarbell (lot #445) went for $900 (high estimate was $240). You can buy them new (they are still in print) at ~$250, and if you shop around, a used set in decent condition can be had for half that or less.

A couple other surprising lots:

#443 -- Eight Jamy Ian Swiss Books and Lecture Notes, two of which were inscribed to Thompson by Swiss. While I did not have all of the Swiss material in the log, my own interest in this lot was driven by a set of notes (perhaps a single-copy manuscript?) on Tim Conover's stack, prepared for Thompson by Swiss. High estimate was $240; the lot went for $1440 (I was an underbidder, by a significant amount).

#446 -- presentation copy of Teller and Todd Karr. House of Mystery: The Magic Science of David P. Abbott, signed by Karr, Teller, and artist Katlyn Breene, with a personal inscription from Teller to Johnny and Pam (who appear in photographs in the book as "The Corrupt Medium and Innocent Sitter".) High estimate was $840; it went for $5760.

#474 -- an egg bag. High estimate was $900; sale was $6000.

Dick Koornwinder
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Re: Potter and Potter auction

Postby Dick Koornwinder » May 3rd, 2020, 1:54 am

....and not to forget #470 the Cups and Balls $12000 + $3000 buyers premium... Image

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