The Illusionists at Mexico City

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The Illusionists at Mexico City

Postby Andres Reynoso » June 23rd, 2019, 11:14 am

Currently is running in Mexico City The Illusionists “directly from Broadway” This is the 4th time a version of The Illusionists is in the city.
Formerly the show was presented at the Auditorio Nacional, a huge theater for concerts (10,000 persons) I think the venue was not the indicated as the show is visual and you can't see directly beacause the hugh dimension of the theater, always you finish watching the big screens. They nevers sold out and a lot of promotions and discounts was given. Sometimes people was seat-reasigned in lower levels.
This time the show is at Teatro Telcel, the theater was designed for musicals so specifications are similar to Broadway and West End theaters. This time is a much better place. (1700 seats)

Illusionists is running from May 31 to June 30 with around 9 shows per week and I think they are solding out every date, even Tuesdays.

I enjoyed the show, the magicians are: Florian Sainvet, Leonardo Bruno, Matt Johnson , Sabine Van Diemen, Aaron Crow, Joaquín Kotkin, Mark Kalin and Aryel Altamar.

Florian Sainvent performed his award winning manipulation routine “robot” and the show's encore with cards that form the words The Illusionists and the name of the country, this is a classic encore at Illusionists. Leonardo Bruno performed Kevin James' classics floating rose, surgeon cut in half and snowstorm, I would prefered to see another thing, I don't liked it. Matt Johnson did a water cell escape, his personal touch is not covering the cell and he is not upside down. Sabine Van Diemen performed a paper cut and restored, Metamorphosis and Interlude. Being trained by Jonathan Pendragon as he wrote at Pangium maybe this is the most near to a Pendragons style performance of this two signature pieces I would ever see live. Aaron Crow presented his pieces with arch, sword and knive. Joaquín Kotkin performed swallow of ballon, swallow of a diamond and take out by the eyelid and the scorpion (that one with cards that Copperfield performs, Kotkin invented it and I think just they both can perform it) Mark Kalin performed three pieces appearing or disappearing Jinger: the big vertical circle with fire where she appears, the small circle with spikes she escapes and appears at rear of theater and the living room she appears. Aryel Altamar did an hypnosis show. I don't like this shows and the spot was too long for me.

I attended the first weekend, just that weekend 2x1 tickets was offered, next weeks are at full price. Kotkin is uploading to facebook a photo of every show and it seems all are in full house. That weekend I saw Jinger in the show, then I watched at facebook she was temporal because their daughter is graduating, so Kalin stayed in the show working with another person and Jinger returned home.

For me the show was great and I think the new venue was great for the box-office incomes.
Andres Reynoso

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