Chen-Kai passed away

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Chen-Kai passed away

Postby Andres Reynoso » May 17th, 2019, 8:39 pm

Today in morning I knew mexican magician Chen-Kai has passed away. He was a well known magician in Mexico who worked in theaters, tv and night clubs. He developed dove techniques, some of them were published in Ian Adair’s Encyclopedia of Dove Magic. Lance Burton’s dove routine includes some of his techniques. Some of his costumes are in the David Copperfield’s museum. In 2006 he received the Performing Fellowship by The Academy of Magical Arts. He was in Genii cover in March 1971 and José Frakson wrote the article.

I remember when in 2000 I attended for first time a magic convention and a club. I saw him in a table and I was too shy to say hello. Several years after I attended another club leaded by him. Was a great club, I enjoyed the meetings. He organized some conventions and lectures. Thanks to him I saw live for first time Max Maven, Jeff McBride and Jonathan Pendragon. When The Illusionists were for first time in Mexico, thanks to him I could meet some of them.

As a teenager my dream was to go to USA and see a live performance by Lance Burton and The Pendragons. When I done mi first trip to USA neither The Pendragons nor Lance Burton performed anymore. But by the time the dream had came true in a weird form. Chen Kai brought Jonathan Pendragon to a convention in Mexico, We were maybe 120 persons, maybe less. So I could watch Pendragon perform live from second row, stage (no grand illusions), close-up, a lecture, chat with him, ask for a picture and an autograph (over an April 2011 Genii issue) Neither in craziest dreams! Thanks to Chen Kai.

He helped me to have a guest card for The Magic Castle the first time I went, 6 years ago.

When I performed for the club my Sands of Desert version he gave me advise and shared memories from when he used to do the trick.

He will be missed.
Andres Reynoso

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Re: Chen-Kai passed away

Postby alexgutz » May 20th, 2019, 3:45 pm

Chen Kai's friendship and magic crossed borders especially here in Texas and the TAOM(Texas Association of Magicians). His dove act was superb but his Fickle Fire manipulation act was simply beautiful to watch and enjoy. It was poetry in motion and amazing. Descansa en paz.

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