The House of Cards in Nashville, TN

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The House of Cards in Nashville, TN

Postby Scott Wells » February 7th, 2019, 4:02 pm

One of the reasons I drove from Houston to Columbus for the MagiFest was so I could take my time and stop in Nashville, TN to visit one of the newest magic-themed restaurants/nightclubs in the U.S., the House of Cards (HOC). This is a lovely, old world type of underground bars (physically) that has that "Speak Easy" type of feel to it. It is not marked from the outside and has no signage pointing to its existence. You just have to know it's there and ask the valet to walk you to the door. Once inside you may be fortunate to be met by the Director of Operations, Joey Martinez, formerly the Floor Manager of the Magic Castle. The decor is exquisite, and the food it top notch. The wait service interacts well with the magicians and the magic, speaks for itself and is outstanding.

In this week's podcast we give you a virtual tour of the HOC with a conversation with Jill, our server, who tells us what new visitors should expect upon their first visit. Then we have a short chat with Joey Martinez who tells us about transitioning from the Magic Castle to the HOC. We conclude with a quieter "sit down" with Joey late in the evening. Following this podcast, we have time to review three new magic products: Maxwell's Signature Opener, Buyer's Remorse, and Monte Test.

You can watch a couple of news clips showing the interior of the HOC, see some exclusive photos, listen online to the podcast, and download the MP3 file at: ... e-of-cards

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