Tom Vorjohan on Tipping, Tricking and Twisting

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Tom Vorjohan on Tipping, Tricking and Twisting

Postby Scott Wells » February 7th, 2019, 3:51 pm

On my recent trip to Columbus, Ohio for the annual MagiFest, I stopped in Nashville, Tennessee to visit the House of Cards and my friend tom Vorjohan. Tom is on the Board of Trustees of the I.B.M. and has been a successful restaurant magician for many years working two or three restaurants per week. He has also co-authored a column in the M.U.M. on balloon sculpting for several years, too. In this week's podcast, Tom talks about his philosophy on soliciting tips as performing magicians at restaurants, when to and when not to do it, plus some great advice on how to price yourself to the restaurant. He also gives us some tips on twisting balloons.

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