Nick Diffatte is on the Cover of the January 2019 Genii

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Nick Diffatte is on the Cover of the January 2019 Genii

Postby Richard Kaufman » December 20th, 2018, 1:05 pm


The January 2019 Issue of Genii is Now Live Online. Subscribe for just $35 at so you can read it!

Nick Diffatte.
Who is Nick Diffatte?
What is Nick Diffatte?
How old is Nick Diffatte?
Is Nick Diffatte funny? Is Nick Diffatte an alien? I don’t know the answers to any of these pressing questions, but Elliott Teral, late of the website Art of Play, in fact does. Actually, I do know that Nick is funny because he fills in for Mac King, and those are big shoes to fill. Hey, he’ll be performing at the Genii Convention, too, so he must be good, right?

Ricky Jay—magician, author, historian, raconteur—died at age 72 Jon Racherbaumer wrote a piece about Ricky’s show On the Stem which has not appeared before and acts as our memorial. Our actual obituary for Ricky Jay has been written by his longtime partner and friend, Michael Weber.

It’s that Tenyo time of year and, with six new releases, our favorite and most ingenious bunch of magic creators are back with bits of plastic to intrigue us. Join me and take a full tour. There are 10 videos in our digital edition to accompany the story.

Harry Lorayne, now 92 years of age, released his 33rd book (maybe 34th) book for magicians a few months ago, And Finally! (No, that’s the name of the book.) I persuaded Harry (whom I’ve known for … ahem … 46 years) to give Genii readers a trick that is not in the book, and he obliged with “In-Sight.”

Who else is here this month … John Bannon, Mike Caveney, Hannibal, Alexander de Cova, and new columnists Andi Gladwin, who writes about “Going Pro” this year, and Al Schneider, who returns for another year of great magic in “Broadcast from Nowhere.” Joining them are “On the Slant,” “They Eye,” and reviews by David Regal, Shiv Duggal, and David Britland.
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Re: Nick Diffatte is on the Cover of the January 2019 Genii

Postby Ted M » December 21st, 2018, 12:00 am

Plus a new Stephen Minch book hidden in More Genii Speaks: Giacomo Bertini's System for Amazement...

I wasn't familiar with Giacomo Bertini, but here's a video of him that (almost) makes me want to do coin magic:

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