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Jonathan Levit - Never Stop Creating

Postby Scott Wells » December 16th, 2018, 3:00 pm

Most magicians remember Jonathan Levit as the co-host (along with Julie Eng) at MAGIC Live! over the past two years. But he was also a consultant for television and film like “Burt Wonderstone” and “Now You See Me” among others. He has also had acting roles on TV shows like the “X Files” and more. Plus he has been a television host on shows like “Celebra-cadabra” and others. But he has also created web pages for magicians and even created a new app for the iPhone called “The Stranger” (a “Call The Wizard” type app, but far advanced). These are just some of the qualifications of this creative magician that puts him in the “Renaissance Man” class.

We talk with Jonathan about all of these and more plus a review of Joshua Jay’s new trick “Balance” on The Magic Word Podcast at ... than-levit

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