Murray Sawchuck Holiday Episode,, and “Balance” Review Update

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Murray Sawchuck Holiday Episode,, and “Balance” Review Update

Postby Scott Wells » December 15th, 2018, 3:27 pm

This week we celebrate the season with our annual visit with Murray Sawchuck in Las Vegas, Nevada. He gives us suggestions on tourist destinations for your next trip to Las Vegas. He also recaps the year on who and what magic shows came and went and are still standing in Vegas. We also congratulate Murray on the recent recognition by the Mayor of Las Vegas creating and awarding Murray for the “Murray the Magician Day”. Murray is the “King of Social Media” having just celebrated surpassing one million subscribers on YouTube. So, he gives us an update on what social media he uses, what works, and what doesn’t for him this year compared with last year.

Also included this week is a conversation with Oliver Wellington who is the co-creator of, a free, video creation social app for helping promote your brand/image/show. We also give an update from last week on the new trick “Balance” after performing it a few times this holiday season.

You can watch a video, see some photos, read the blog, get some links, listen online and download the MP3 files at ... y-sawchuck

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