Makin' It With Mario the Magician

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Makin' It With Mario the Magician

Postby Scott Wells » November 1st, 2018, 3:17 pm

Mario the Magician, a.k.a. the Maker, is one of my favorite children's show entertainers in the U.S. today. His infectious personality flows off the stage into his audience and his empathy with children is not unlike the legendary Mr. Rogers...except that his fast paced show defies the laws of speed! I am always amazed when I see him perform and his lectures are inspiring and creative. Perhaps one of the best things I like about Mario's show is how he is encouraging children to learn and create. He inspires them to create and enjoy science and math. David Blaine recognized his genius and he now opens for for David's stage shows.

Mario was one of the performers/lecturers at this year's T.A.O.M. convention and we had time to sit down for an extended conversation. In this week's podcast with Mario, he discusses working with children, creativity, arduinos, David Blaine, traveling through TSA with equipment that looks like a bomb, and more. You can watch a video of Mario, see some photos, read the blog, listen online to the podcast, and download the MP3 file at: ... e-magician

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