Getting Paranormal with Paul Voodini

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Getting Paranormal with Paul Voodini

Postby Scott Wells » October 11th, 2018, 12:39 pm

The magical month of October is upon us and in full swing leading up to Halloween and "Magic Week" (as so designated in the U.S. by the S.A.M.). So, in recognition of the season, we kick off a series of three podcasts spanning the next three weeks featuring a chat with Paul Voodini from the U.K. Paul is admittedly not a magician but more interested in the paranormal. In this week's podcast he talks about Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day, Jack the Ripper, and of course, seances. He also shares some of the spooky sightings he has experienced in his life and during seances. The interesting thing is that Paul presents his Victorian seances as real without mechanical nor electrical apparatus. He merely creates the mood setting and sees what happens. He really walks the tightrope.

You can watch a video of one of his seances, see some photos, read the blog, get some links, listen to the podcast online and download the MP3 file at: ... ul-voodini

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Re: Getting Paranormal with Paul Voodini

Postby Mr. Charming » October 14th, 2018, 11:33 pm


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