Playing Around with John Archer

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Playing Around with John Archer

Postby Scott Wells » October 4th, 2018, 6:58 pm

John Archer is a musician...I mean, a magician. Well, he is both. He plays the ukulele and does magic...and comedy, all in equal parts. In this week's podcast, John talks about the problems of performing comedy in today's "politically correct" environment and how difficult it is to walk the fine line in an ever-changing society of what's acceptable and what's not. He also chats about creativity, working with Tim Vine, plus he also even plays a few tunes for us on his "uke" after have a couple martinis.

You can watch separate videos of Tim Vine and John, see some candid photos, read the blog, hear some product reviews, listen online to the podcast, and download the MP3 file at: ... ohn-archer

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