The Trick Road tv show

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The Trick Road tv show

Postby Andres Reynoso » October 1st, 2018, 2:08 pm

I recently found in Netflix "The Trick Road" by Adam Trent. I haven't heard about the show before.

There are 10 25-minutes episodes where Adam travels in Europe. The idea is to conect with people from other cultures, demostrating magic is an ice-breaker and lenguaje barrier is surpased with magic.

I have watched 4 episodes, I think it's a good premise but not really fullfiled because Adam always seeks for people who speak english. What has disturbed me is the attitude of I can bribe people with magic. Restricted area? No visitors allowed? Have I pay a ticket or have a reservation? .... What if I perform a magic trick for you? Additionally the times he dates girls and makes comments like "what unconfortable is the camera with us. (to the cameramen) you get here"

The magic is stret magic and tricks for the camera, sometimes the focus is blurred just when the effect occurs. Some classic effects and a lot of gimmicks.

I will watch what offer the rest of the episodes.
Andres Reynoso

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