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Science of Magic Association (SOMA)

Postby Daniel Z » July 28th, 2018, 11:33 am

Planning ahead:

The first meeting of SOMA took place in London last year. I was lucky enough to haver been there doing some filming for our documentary The Science of Magic. It looked at the work of some of these scientists who were using magi as a tool to probe consciousness, perception, cognition and behaviour. Participating along with the scientists were magicians including: Thomas Fraps, Pit Hartling, Edward Hilsum, and Juan Tamariz.

SOMA has just announced their next international meeting. It will be held at The Chicago Magic Lounge July 14-16 2019. The confirmed line up of speakers from both the science community and the world of magic is impressive. With for example, Mac King (performing and doing a Q&A) and Dr. Elizabeth Loftus.
Registration opening soon at

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