FISM 2018 - Day Three

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FISM 2018 - Day Three

Postby CraigMitchell » July 12th, 2018, 12:20 am

FISM Day Three

Quick update during our marathon FISM session. Convention bags have arrived ( two bags plus FISM deck of cards ) ... television screens are now broadcasting the contests around the venue .... and food trucks have gathered enmasse outside offering much needed sustenance to the magic hordes.

I need to point out the exceptional VFX and video graphics at this particular FISM ... every screen announcing a contestant is a mini movie and the time and effort this must have taken is impressive. It’s a small little detail but certainly adds to the flair. The technical elements all round have been impressive - hardly a glitch to be seen which is remarkable.

Major issue from attendees, though, is the complete lack of any night time meeting area. No bars, no lounges, no real space to session or meet up with friends old and new at the end of a long day. As someone remarked - the social elements are just as critical as the FISM contest itself. Something again which should form part of the convention planning checklist overseen by the FISM directors.

That aside - it’s stage contest time.

*Lipan Jr - Stage Illusions - Argentina
My new favorite for all the wrong reasons. 80’s Franz Harary brought to life with flowing locks, gratuitous dancers and what should be a rock n roll parody but sadly is not. Motorbike appearance, things that go bump in the night with the appearance of Amy Winehouse, Madonna and MJ impersonator .... finished off with the biggest shipping expense of FISM 2018 - a gigantic Melinda style drill of doom

*Satoru Furukawa - Manipulation - Japan
Top hat wearing magician with standard card fans, cards clearly visible in hands during the productions, fast becoming monotonous then taking a surprising twist with the manipulation of jumbo cards, jumbo jumbo cards and even bigger ones at the end. Magicians are easy to please :)

*Juan Alejandro - Brazil - Mentalism
An interesting steam punk, elixir pitch man second sight act involving “neural spray” as the giver of this mystical power. The performer in the audience is surprisingly quiet with limited talking during the selection of objects. He does however ring a bell to announce once an object has been selected.

*Vadini - Russia - Comedy
A creative act as a 2d comic book character comes to life complete with speech bubbles.

*Steve Owens - General - USA
A confusing mix of magic and shadowgraphy done in front of and behind a “sun visor” style screen. Magic is not intended to be watched in monochrome. Shadowgraphy can be very powerful but this misses the mark unfortunately.

*Kelvin Cheung - General Magic - Hong Kong
In a beautiful nod to Lance Burton the act starts with a bird atop a lamppost to the haunting strains of Vivaldi. The bird explodes and keels over in a heap of feathers. Brilliant. The rest of the act fast becomes confusing with an errant lightbulb needing to be replaced and the official theme of FISM 2018 - vanishing shoe.

*Andrea rizzolini - mentalism - Italy
Blatant on stage cueing of volunteer, forcing of a personal computer as the chosen item and something to do with a credit card.

*Rene Mazing - Comedy - Germany
“British” stand up comedian with bowler hat and Harrods bag. Painfully awkward at times with sight gags and one liners that simply don’t work in a multi-cultural audience.

*Kento and shiho - General Magic - Japan
Kimono wearing magician and female assistant whose sole duty is to hide behind her master and prop up his umbrellas. Levitating flower, appearing fans and what is supposed to be vanishing fans, color changing fans and scary mask, appearing umbrellas, umbrellas from dress, giant fans and of course a giant umbrella.

*Nicolas dutel - General - Canada
Houdini’s clock shop with multiplying clocks, vanishing clocks, jumbo coins as clocks, lots of clocks.

*Javier botia- Mentalism - Spain
Tongue in cheek ( or so we hope ) Matador mentalist with five spectators choosing random colors with a giant flag revelation of the prediction amongst others. Audience enjoyed the playful over the top nature.

*Pc mutton curry spectacular - Comedy - Germany
Was this part of a lost bet ? A German dressed up as an Indian fakir with fake accent, water bowls and Bollywood lip syncing which would have the politically correct upset.

*G Alexande - Manipulation - Spain
Cards, confetti, sunglasses and jumbo card manipulation.

*Larry - Argentina - Mentalism
I need to be honest whenever I see mentalism flash up on screen my heart sinks. Especially when attempting English as a second language. Kudos to them for trying but the combination of accent and the wordy nature of mentalism never helps the performance. Spectators write random numbers which matches the serial number on a bill ending with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

*Zippo funky magician - Netherlands - Manipulation
Card and coin manipulation with Facebook likes, emoticons and social media icons. Some interesting ideas.

*Sangsoon Kim - General - Korea
Our official theme is back - shoes! Some incredible visual magic - color changing shoe boxes, multiplying shoes and color changing shoes. Some great eye candy. If you want to succeed at FISM - your magic has to be visual.

*Benny Li - Hong Kong - General
A florist scene with multiplying pot plants, color changing flowers and some novel ideas.

*Felix - Manipulation - France
LED broom with misers dream and jumbo coins. Fatigue has set in by this stage. Four hours of stage magic done ... 3 hours+ of closeup to follow,


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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Three

Postby Ted M » July 12th, 2018, 12:29 am

Thanks again for these reports!

Just checking:

> *Nicolas dutel - General - Canada
> Houdini’s clock shop with multiplying clocks, vanishing clocks, jumbo coins as clocks, lots of clocks.

Houdini's clock shop? Or Robert-Houdin's clock shop?

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Three

Postby CraigMitchell » July 12th, 2018, 9:21 am


*Starman - Italy - Micro
Shades of Yann Frisch featuring a drunkard slowly going crazy over a vanishing and reappearing paper ball, finger ring and more. A standing ovation.

*Riccardo Negroni - Micro - Italy
Oh so serious with coin from rose, coin manipulation with one or two nice moments.

*Jiwoo Han - Card - Korea
A fun act with Siri, cell phone to cards and finding the ace through 10 complete with Gmail messages and a USB cable to recharge the deck.

*Adrien Quillien - Parlour - France
A blue bearded bartender producing bottle, cups and balls and a stunning lemon vanish exploding into glitter. Multi color cocktails poured at the end. High energy enjoyment.

*Ari Slomka - Cards - USA
The USA clearly fails to understand that FISM is the World Championships of Magic. Sending a 16 year old Josh Jay lookalike who is clearly not of the requisite level is grossly unfair to the youngster and an insult to FISM and the audience. Kudos to the young performer for effectively entering the lions den - but you should not have been placed in such a situation.

*Victor Noir - Micro - Argentina
Science teacher character with rubber chicken to egg, purse frame and sponge balls ( I kid you not ) along with a sponge ball visibly penetrating a spectators hand.

*Daniel Mormina - Micro - Argentina
Act presented to voice over with an animated figurine riding a model bike and a genii lamp somehow fitting into the equation.

*Sho Takashige - Parlour - Japan
A beautiful act of a beggar and misers dream with bucket full of coins vanishing at the end. Poetic leading to a standing ovation.

*Tonny poker - Micro - Mexico
Rose to finger rings, rings across and ring on string.

*Alan Fisher - Parlour - USA
The United States sadly continues with sending sub standard acts. A portly waistcoat clad dealer reciting prose and appearing poker chips.

*William Seven - Micro - Brazil
An amazing act of an old man on the verge of insanity and suicide featuring a chop cup and ticking timepiece - facing his fear of “becoming just an invisible being” This act needs a second viewing to fully appreciate what was taking place.

*Jim Vines - Parlour - USA
The universal dream of money ... coin from ATM receipt, slip to bill, coins to credit card and appearing gold bar.

*Dimitri Zabuta - Cards - Israel
“Compose music with your mind” whilst blindfolded locating cards.

*Marc Weiss - Parlour - Germany
A performer whose personality really shines through. Chosen card appears printed on performer’s T-shirt and then mirrors what happens to card with torn piece visually restoring on shirt. A great performance piece complete with obligatory reappearing shoe.

*Alec Tsai - Taiwan - Card
A number written on the back of the card causes the card itself to change. An interesting concept.

*Jakob Mathias -Parlour - Germany
Cup and ball with visible flashes, cup in shoe, vanishing scarf, compulsory vanishing shoe, color changing jacket - and shoes - ending with the visual change of Coke to Fanta.

*Mr Tango - Cards - Argentina
A helium balloon comes to life and nudges the magician when wrong during a memorized deck demo along with blindfolded color separation. Giving life to the balloon is a fantastic motif.

*Axel hecklau - Parlour - Germany
Spectators drivers license vanishes in their hands only to be discovered inside a sealed DHL courier envelope. Rubik’s cubes are in and this one is solved inside a brown paper bag.

Over three hours of close complete. Just a short break before we return for Norbert Ferre’s evening gala show.


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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Three

Postby CraigMitchell » July 12th, 2018, 9:36 am

WED GALA SHOW - The Magic Circus

Norbert Ferre has simply produced one of the best FISM gala shows in a very long time. This was no ordinary convention show but an actual production themed around The Magic Circus. The level of preparation for this show was amazing.

When last did a magic convention have a full song and dance opening number ( think Greatest Showman ) ? Never.

Highlights included Freres Chaix who broke every safety rule with their impressive display of indoor RC planes. Hector Mancha is beautifully entertaining and gives meaning to manipulation infusing the art with his personality. Kevin James presented his classic Chaplin and sawing routine whilst Thommy and Amelie were greeted with the comment “holy moly [censored]” by their volunteer. Katrin Weissensee presented stunning sand art that has to be seen to be believed. Rounding up the evening were Jorge Blass as MC, Vik and Fabrini, plate spinning antics of David Boulet and the Cirque du Soleil contortions of Maria Sarach.

An incredible evening of FISM at its finest. Bravo!

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Re: FISM 2018 - Day Three

Postby CraigMitchell » July 13th, 2018, 10:37 pm

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