Tommy Wonder's Building An Act

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Tommy Wonder's Building An Act

Postby Matthew Field » July 7th, 2018, 6:28 am

Several weeks ago I recommended a book to magicians titled “Misdirection Does Not Exist” by Tommy Wonder, annotated by Tom Stone. Tom Stones website,, has another book, “Tommy Wonder’s Building An Act” that I’d like to similarly recommend.

I’ve been involved in theatre and magic for much of my life. One of the most frustrating things about watching magicians is to see how little many of them know about theatre arts: how to act, elements of stagecraft and of dramatic techniques. It’s easy to see why; what intrigued them about magic was the tricks. But magic is communication. Just plunk your trick down in front of an audience and you might find yourself disappointed when you don’t get the reaction you thought you deserved.

Tommy Wonder wrote about this back in 2005. He sent the 14 page manuscript to Tom Stone who discovered that magicians had never seen the material before. He augmented the text with an additional 26 pages of his own thoughts and drawings to create the book at hand.

Why do I think this book is essential for magicians? Simply because it provides the methods to take “tricks” and turn them into a show. These are the mechanics you need to actually mount a show, to get off your butt and get out there and do it.

But maybe that’s not your goal. You simply want to do informal performances for friends or relatives, perhaps entertain at a party or over dinner.

That’s fine. You also need this book. If you want to be seen in the best light, to have the greatest impact, the material in this book will guide you along the pathway to achieve this.

There are other books you should read, of course. Fitzkee’s “Showmanship for Magicians”, Tamariz’s “The Five Points in Magic” and “The Magic Way” are just three.

But “Tommy Wonder’s Building An Act” is less than $20 for the pdf from Read it, apply the principles, and be a better magician.

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