Magic in the Night...Johnny Thompson-Penn Special Show Time

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Magic in the Night...Johnny Thompson-Penn Special Show Time

Postby fredreisz » July 6th, 2018, 3:13 am

I just finished watching the special on Showtime: "Gambler's Ballad: Johnny Thompson, The Legend." The special also features Penn who "put" this together with many others. It is worth your watching. The final special "bit', Gamblers Ballad with Penn and Johnny, is priceless, moving and something to remember in your magical life.

After the documentary was over and the credits were running...really being dealt with multiple card "moves..." possibly by Shoot Ogawa, right at the end, a voice says: "Alexis! Who is Johnny Thompson?" From across the room in my house (It was 2:40 a.m.) Alexis' voice rang out with the answer! There was technological magic in the air. I had this vision that in hundreds of magicians' homes, at this early hour, the same thing was happening and each of us was so startled that we dropped the deck of cards in our hands.

Thank you Johnny. Thank you Penn. Thank you to all the technologically assembled magicians who popped in to give tribute to one of our greats.
Peace....Fred (Reisz)
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