Raj Madhok -Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

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Raj Madhok -Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Postby Scott Wells » May 24th, 2018, 5:55 pm

Raj Madhok may be a successful, unassuming dermatologist by day, but he puts a lot of thought into creating original mental mysteries and confounding magic. Raj has been a quiet voice in the world of mystery only poking up his head for the occasional lecture for the P.E.A. (Psychic Entertainers Association) and the national convention of the I.B.M. He has contributed effects to Lee Earle’s “Syzygy” and Banachek’s “Psychological Subtleties 3” and other magazine publications. He has authored books on mentalism with his recent being “Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser” a book of impromptu close-up mentalism...for the most part.

You can see some photos of Raj, read the blog, listen to the podcast, and download the MP3 file at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/sco ... raj-madhok

And don’t forget while on the website to register for a chance to win one of two copies of his eBook in this week’s contest.
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