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Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 6:00 pm
by Tom Stone
I've put out this information elsewhere, so why not here as well?
The workshop is free of charge, the only cost is food and lodging. Due to its geographical location, I guess mainly europeans are interested, but it is open (and free of charge) for all nationalities
There's a facebook group for those interested:

CONJURING (July 30-August 3)

This is a hands-on workshop in magic. There will be loads of group exercises in misdirection, dramatic and deceptive structure, as well as in prop making. We will examine magic theories, apply them and discuss them in the context of performances. The course is suitable for those with moderate experience as well as experts. We will work from early morning to late night and you’ll find it both challenging and rewarding.
The workshop will be given in English.

Your main instructor is Tom Stone, an author of several technical books on conjuring arts, as well as a performer, consultant, speaker, creator and teacher of the subject. Tom was awarded the 2015 Creative Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts.
For the lessons in propmaking, you will meet Tim Star, legendary propmaker for Harries Magic, Rings-N-Things and Creations by Star.

Timetable for the week

Start (Day 1), Monday July 30:

9:00 AM: Checking in.
10:30 AM: All groups from all courses gather in the restaurant for ”fika” (coffee with snacks)
11:00 AM: The course begins in our designated workshop space.
12:00 PM: Lunch.
1:30 PM: Workshop.
4:00 PM: Afternoon ”fika” (coffee with snacks).
4:30 PM: Workshop.
6:00 PM: Dinner

For the rest of the week (Day 2-5), we'll work with joy and passion, with frequent breaks for meals and snacks (there are good vegetarian options for all meals):

8:00 AM: Breakfast.
10:30 AM: Morning ”fika” (coffee with snacks).
12:00 PM: Lunch.
4:00 PM: Afternoon ”fika” (coffee with snacks).
6:00 PM: Dinner

Friday, the final day, ends with mutual ”fika” in the restaurant at 3:00 PM

At least 10 participants are needed for the workshop to be given.

Registrations opens April 3.
Last day for registration: May 1.
Which workshops that are greenlighted are announced May 16. Detailed timetables for the courses are sent out during week 23.

The actual workshop is free of charge, but there are costs for food and lodging.
• Single room + meals: 4100 SEK. (About 400 Euro)
• Sharing a double room + meals: 3700 SEK (About 360 Euro)
• No room, just meals: 2500 SEK (About 240 Euro)

Cancellation policy.
Once it has been decided that a workshop is greenlighted, the school will send an invoice for a registration charge of 500 SEK (About 45 Euro), to be paid within 10 days. The remainder will be paid on arrival.

The registration charge is deducted from the total cost.
If you cancel more than 30 days before the start of the workshop, there will be no charges.
Cancellation 2-29 days before; you’ll be invoiced 50% of the cost.
Cancellation 1 day before; you’ll be invoiced 100% of the cost.
Cancellation does not entail reimbursement of the registration charge.

(There might be a small extra cost for material used in the propmaking lessons.)

The course is given at Sigtuna Folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden.
Application forms available from April 3:

More info:

Re: Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: March 31st, 2018, 4:02 am
by Zig Zagger
An amazing and generous offer, Tom!

Will check the dates when back home.

Tack så hjärtligt!

Re: Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: August 13th, 2018, 6:56 pm
by Tom Stone
The workshop was a success! It attracted male and female magicians from England, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Sweden.
It will likely be repeated next year.

Re: Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: November 30th, 2018, 7:32 pm
by Tom Stone
Since the interest was so massive, this workshop will held again in 2019. It will even be held twice, to make it easier to attend. Last time the all the spots were gone within 4 hours.
As before, the workshop itself is free of charge (education is free in Sweden), but there's a modest fee for room and 5 meals/day.

The application forms will be released at noon, 12:00 (swedish time), December 1.

Conjuring 2019: week 31 (July 29 to August 2)
Conjuring 2019: Week 32 (August 5 to August 9)

This is how one of the participants from this year describes the workshop: Conjuring 2018 by Nikola Arkane.

Re: Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: December 1st, 2018, 11:01 am
by Tom Stone
Both workshops are now full.

Re: Conjuring: A 5 day workshop in Sweden

Posted: August 10th, 2019, 3:03 am
by Tom Stone
The two Conjuring 2019 workshops are now over.

The participants were:

Week 31
Nikola Arkane (Ireland)
Carisa Hendrix (Canada)
Cat Boult (USA)
Jade Tjin (USA)
Kristina Zakimova (Russia)
Caroline Ravn (Sweden)
Stefan Eriksson (Sweden)
Anders Björkman (Sweden)
Vilhelm Boman (Sweden)
Roger Isberg (Sweden)
Håkan Berg (Sweden)
Tore Skytén (Sweden)
Martin Nilsson (Sweden)
Ondrej Psenika (Czech Republic)
Szymon Krzysztoszek (Poland)
Alex Joseph (England)

Week 32
Carlos Tomico (Spain)
Sara Rodrigues (Spain)
Sofia Lerma (Spain)
Peter Boldog (Hungary)
Merse Elod Gaspar (Hungary)
Abel Farkas (Hungary)
Daniel Kvarnlöf (Sweden)
Johan Ahlen (Sweden)
Jörgen Sondell (Sweden)
Robert Österman (Sweden)
Isidor Olsbjörk (Sweden)
Fredrik Höjman (Sweden)
Carl-Fredrik Zetterman (Sweden)
Per Johan Råsmark (Sweden)
Göran ”Dozzie” Sjöberg (Sweden)

The instructors were:
Tom Stone - Composition of magic.

Johan Davidsson - Propmaking (last minute replacement for Tim Star).

Leif Olberius - Actors' training class.

Additionally, there were some lectures.

Sofia Lerma did a non-confrontational, yet eye-opening, session on feminism and magic. Convention bookers should inquire about her session.

Sara Rodríguez held a lecture on how to practice, and how to make personal adaptions of moves, and ended by performing two of her own deviously constructed card routines (both fried me completely).

Simon Almers had a talk on technology & magic.

Johan Ståhl did a talk about expanding venues.

Håkan Berg guested with a talk about how to take charge and responsibility for one’s performance space.

The workshop will very likely be repeated next summer, still free of charge.