Doug Isenberg on Internet Law

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Doug Isenberg on Internet Law

Postby Scott Wells » March 15th, 2018, 12:23 pm

One of the opening "talks" at this year's MagiFest was Atlanta attorney, Doug Isenberg. Doug specializes in internet law which has particular interest to magicians who often complain about digital piracy of intellectual property. This has also been a common thread on The Magic Word Podcast for the past five years so we are glad to have an expert give us some advice and a scholarly observation on what we can do (if anything) to minimize online theft.

You can hear our chat on this week's podcast at: ... ternet-law

This week we also welcome the newest members of The Friends Of The Magic Word: Carl Thornton, Curtis the Mentalist, and Bill Jacobson. Thank you, gentlemen, for your financial support of the podcast. Your donations/pledges help keep this podcast going.
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