Walter "Zaney" Blaney's Surpri"Z"e 90th Birthday Party

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Walter "Zaney" Blaney's Surpri"Z"e 90th Birthday Party

Postby Scott Wells » February 22nd, 2018, 1:22 pm

Many were invited though few could make the trip, but a great time was had by all who attended. And if you were not one of those who could make it to Walter "Zaney" Blaney's Surpri"Z"e ("Z" for "Zaney") 90th Birthday Celebration, then you can vicariously enjoy it through the podcast and video that is posted on this week's blog at ... hday-party

Even though he couldn't physically attend, David Copperfield called in on Skype to surprise Walter and wish him Happy Birthday. Walter was also awarded a Presidential Certificate from the I.B.M. signed by International President, Bob Patterson. We had non-magical entertainment from his friends and family including a baritone (brass) solo, a couple of Walter's favorite old songs sung by his grand daughter, Mallory, and a couple tunes by a banjo troubadour. We had cup cakes, gourmet cheese and plenty of delights to eat and drink. And the guest list was full of family and friends with several magicians in attendance, many of whom you hear on this week's podcast.

Also, this week we have time to review three tricks from Murphy's Magic Supplies: Project Swiss Army, NeoMix, and Paul Harris Presents Chris Perrotta's "Starlight". Congratulations goes out to Harold Brosious, Jeff Peterson, and Peter Sciretta who each won a promotional deck of playing cards from the movie, "DEALT" featuring Richard Turner. I had intended to award one deck, but there were so many entrants and so much interest, that I found two more decks which I gave out to two additional winners. Be sure to subscribe to The Magic Word Podcast so you don't miss an episode or a chance to enter the next contest. Who knows when it will be or what will be offered?
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