Gregg Webb preparing new magic trilogy

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Gregg Webb preparing new magic trilogy

Postby Conus » February 19th, 2018, 5:53 pm

Gregg Webb is readying a new trilogy of magic tricks in ebook form.

The first book in his new series, "S.O.H.O. -- Sleight of Hand Only," is currently available through Chris Washuber's For more information, visit Chris Washuber's online offering at: ... 22248.html

Webb, a professional artist, illustrated and hand-lettered the book. In it, he presents an assortment of tricks relying on sleight of hand, and also includes uses for a few simple props available to most magicians. The publisher notes that familiarity with basic sleights is recommended.

[Here, full discloser is in order: although I wrote the foreword for "S.O.H.O" and helped prepare the ebook for publication, I did so freely and I receive no remuneration from its sale.]

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