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David Berglas - International Man of Mystery, Part One

Posted: January 4th, 2018, 3:43 pm
by Scott Wells
In an historic meeting in 2002, Banachek and I (along with our wives) had a memorable dinner with David Berglas and his wife, Ruth. Since then we have been friends and it was nice to catch up for an epic podcast. This week The Magic Word Podcast celebrates its 400th episode with this first of a two-part podcast with David Berglas.

In this episode, David talks about his son, Marvin Berglas and his magic company plus David's work with many of British television's early magicians (such as David Nixon) as well as his own show, "The Mind of David Berglas". He also gives us the genesis of "The Berglas Effect" and how it was so named by Jon Racherbaumer and how it differs from "Any Card At Any Number" (ACAAN), among other interesting topics.

You can watch the entire one hour documentary, see some photos, read the blog, listen online to the podcast, and download the MP3 file at: ... s-part-one Next week we will continue with the second part of our chat as David continues to talk about his work in the film industry as a magic consultant.

We also posted "Magicians' Valhalla", a listing of many of those who have passed during 2017. This is listed near the bottom of the podcast blog. At the very bottom of this week's blog, you can also help support The Magic Word Podcast with your purchase of the 2018 Magic Poster Calendar from Please help us with your purchases. And thanks for listening.