Bill Palmer - Renaissance Man

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Scott Wells
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Bill Palmer - Renaissance Man

Postby Scott Wells » January 4th, 2018, 1:50 pm

"Merlin the Magician", "The Cups and Balls Guy", "The Borodin and Punx Books Translator", "Bluegrass Aficionado" and "The Renaissance Man". All are monikers which describe Bill Palmer. In this podcast, Bill gives a mini-lecture for a one-on-one audience with me asking the questions. Bill was in rare form despite this being recorded on his last day in the hospital after a successful heart surgery. We had quite a lively chat and he directed the conversation. So much so that I forgot to ask him about his Cups and Balls Museum. I called him a week later to tack on an addendum in which we talked about the current status of his museum/collection and what he plans to do with it (Bill is 75 years old).

In 2006 I recorded an interview with Bill in the Cups and Balls Museum in his home. For some reason, I forgot to ever do anything with it. So the DVD sat in my drawer for years until we did this podcast. I have since uploaded it to YouTube so you can see the museum and hear Bill talk about his collection. This is a one hour documentary that I'm glad I made since Bill has since relocated and most of the museum is in boxes and inaccessible.

You can view the video of Bill and his Cups and Balls Museum, see some photos of Bill, read the blog, listen to the podcast online and download the MP3 file at: ... ill-palmer
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Mark Tams
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Re: Bill Palmer - Renaissance Man

Postby Mark Tams » January 6th, 2018, 8:14 pm

Very enjoyable!!!

Thx for sharing. :-)

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