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Pete McCabe
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Scripting Magic secret promotion

Postby Pete McCabe » December 29th, 2017, 2:23 pm

Every one of the 500 deluxe boxed sets of Scripting Magic Volumes 1 and 2 has, glued into the front cover of Vol 1, a bookplate signed by me. To make that happen, a courier brought me 500 bookplates one day, which I signed. Pretty sure that’s the only time I’ve ever had an actual courier bring me something.

While I was doing this, I had an idea. I wanted to make a couple of the bookplates special, like a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The people who got those would get something. Not a tour of my house, but something. This is what I did.

Three of the bookplates have a number written on them. If you have one of these books, you win a free script consultation from me. Send me a script, or a video of you doing a trick—or both!—and I’ll send you notes.

To claim your prize, send a photo of your bookplate to I’ll contact you to work out the details.

Just to be clear:
1) You don’t have to have a script. You can just send a video of you performing the trick, and I’ll give you suggestions to help you write a script. (But you'll get more out of it if you have a script.)
2) One trick or routine only please.
3) The notes will address at least three things: the trick, your performing character, and how those two things work together. Other than that I can’t say what my notes will cover until I see your work. Might be a specific line or lines, a different presentation (or a suggestion of one if you don’t have one yourself), an idea to change a prop, a new hook or structure for the presentation, or replacing the props with something else.
4) Depending on my real-world schedule when I receive your script/video, it might take me a week or two to clear the time I need. I hope you understand.
5) Only one prize per bookplate. Other legal-sounding restrictions should also apply, probably.

Please feel free to let everyone know.

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Re: Scripting Magic secret promotion

Postby erdnasephile » December 30th, 2017, 10:10 am


Erdnasephile sits at the computer, checking Genii Forum.

Thank goodness...that goofy thread is finally dead...
Wait...'Secret Promotion'?...what the heck is that?

Erdnasephile clicks on the link and cranes his neck forward.

"Cool! I thought I saw something weird about that McCabe autograph!"

Erdnasephile leaps up from the desk and nearly slips on a Fab Fruit lime on the way to the bookshelf. He yanks Scripting Magic, Volume 1 out of the custom slipcase, the set of exclusive worksheets spilling out wildly on the floor. Hands trembling, he quickly opens the cover, and...


The End

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