Words About Wizards Dust Jacket -- A Rarity in Book Publishing

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Words About Wizards Dust Jacket -- A Rarity in Book Publishing

Postby magicam » November 7th, 2017, 5:51 pm

The rarity is that it took the publisher 23 years to add a dust jacket to the book! This message is from old friend David Meyer:

Robert Parrish’s book, Words About Wizards: Recollections of magicians and their magic, 1930-1950, was published in 1994. Publisher David Meyer always regretted not issuing the book with a dust jacket. Twenty-three years later, he's decided to remove the regret by printing a limited number of jackets. Original purchasers of the book can obtain a dust jacket for $4.00 — which just about covers printing, packaging, and postage costs. Payment by check to David Meyer, 1228 W. Eddy St., Chicago, IL 60657-1430 or by PayPal at the address below. Customers should email David for postage costs outside the States. meyerbooks [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

David's not one to hype, so I'll add that the dust jacket is quite attractive, and for you collectors, will note that far fewer jackets have been printed than the book itself.

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