David Garrard: The Ace of All Trades

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David Garrard: The Ace of All Trades

Postby Scott Wells » October 18th, 2017, 1:00 pm

On this week's podcast, we visit with one of the real "workers" who may not be as widely known in the magic community as he should. As a youth minister, he divides his time performing in nearly every venue from stage shows to trade shows, close-up to mentalism, intimate venues to State Fairs, and "Penn & Teller Fool Us" to local TV talk shows, David Garrard does it all...quite well. After moving to Louisville, Kentucky in the 1970's, he became fast friends with other local magicians including Lance Burton and Mac King. He came through the U.S. on an abbreviated lecture tour when he stopped by the microphone of The Magic Word to chat about his philosophy and thoughts on magic plus marketing tips on how he books himself.

You can watch a video of his performance on "Penn & Teller Fool Us", see some photos, enter the contest, listen to some product reviews, read the blog, listen to the podcast online and download the MP3 file at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/sco ... id-garrard

Be sure to enter the contest for a chance to win a copy of his hardback book, "Out Of My Hat", a $100.00 value. It contains some great stuff from his lecture that you WILL use.

We also welcome the newest member of The Friends of The Magic Word, Rajneesh Madohok. Welcome, Raj, to our intimate group of people who help financially support the podcast. We sincerely appreciate your confidence and support.
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