378: Tom Frank - Street Wise

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378: Tom Frank - Street Wise

Postby Scott Wells » August 24th, 2017, 11:49 am

Tom Frank was on an extensive lecture tour earlier this year when we sat down to talk about some of the things in his lecture. Tom was a long time street performer at Universal Studio's "City Walk" but was replace by a "real wizard", Harry Potter. Apparently they didn't want to confuse their visitors with sleight-of-hand magic from, uh..."real" magic??? Anyway, they are promoting their movie and their brand so I guess it makes sense.

So now that Tom is "free" from his previous job, he was able to share his wealth of experience with the rest of the country in this lecture tour. I understand that every lecture differed from the other depending upon the skill and interest of each hosting group.

In this week's podcast, Tom talks about some of the things in his lecture, Back of the Room sales, brick and mortar magic shops, street performing and more. You can watch a video of our conversation that was live streamed on Facebook, see some photos, read the blog, listen to the podcast online, and download the podcast at https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/sco ... -tom-frank

After last week's daily updates from Las Vegas, our listenership increased by about 10%. We also added five new members to the Friends of The Magic Word. Welcome Craig Blackwood, Andrew Portala, Andy Martin, Chris Morrison, and Dan Shedd. Thank you, gentlemen for your financial aid to the podcast and commitment to excellence.

We will take a break next week from posting a podcast on August 31st because we will post daily updates from the Texas Association of Magicians (T.A.O.M.) in Frisco (a suburb of Dallas), Texas - September 1-4.
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