Del Gaudio and Sincerity

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Jonathan Pendragon
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Del Gaudio and Sincerity

Postby Jonathan Pendragon » June 30th, 2017, 10:10 pm

West and my monthly pilgrimage to the Big Apple to see theater included, this trip, our second viewing of the "Great Comet" (fun show with great performances) and Derek Del Gaudio's show In & Of Itself. There is an old theater saying that sincerity is everything, if you can fake that, you got it made. I don't know if Derek faked it, he placed that challenge squarely in front of the audience in no uncertain terms: are my stories real? All I know is that I believed him, I believed he was being sincere. West too felt the slow emotional build that is the pulse, punctuated by truly startling pieces of magic, of the show that brought the audience to their feet (and quickly).

Now that the show has gotten an extension into December, there are more chances to see it. You will be amazed. Amazing Randi and Daniel Radcliffe were in the audience the night we saw it. When you enter the theater you are asked to identify yourself via a "name tags." We got there early so I got "I am a Wizard" first.

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