358: Mat Franco - Magic Reinvented Nightly

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358: Mat Franco - Magic Reinvented Nightly

Postby Scott Wells » June 3rd, 2017, 11:23 am

Well it just occurred to me that I forgot to post the update about the recent podcast with Mat Franco broadcast last week. This is not one to be missed nor overlooked. It was the last installment of our "Las Vegas Chronicles" that have been running for the past three months.

After his show, I went back to the dressing room to chat with this amazingly talented man about his experience on "America's Got Talent [sic]" (AGT). As you can imagine, his experience was completely different from any of the others who have been on the show. But that is to be expected since he "went all the way"! He keeps his show true to what his fans expect...tricks as seen on TV. That is to say, many of the effects are recreated live and on stage that were seen as part of his AGT performances culminating in a finale that truly defines the title of his show, "Magic Reinvented Nightly". His show highlights his skills as a performer rather than on the glitz, glamour and showgirls typically seen (or expected to be seen) in a Las Vegas "Strip" show. The stage is devoid of extraneous props, curtains, dancers, backdrops and the like. The focus is on Mat Franco and on magic. It is an amazing show that is fulfilling in every way.

Our chat, of course, included talk about AGT and stories surrounding the experience, but he also talked about building his show, working the college circuit, his future dreams and more. You can watch a compilation video of his AGT performances, see some candid photos, read the blog, listen online to the podcast and download the MP3 file at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/sco ... mat-franco
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