357: Timo Marc - An Unexpected Visitor

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357: Timo Marc - An Unexpected Visitor

Postby Scott Wells » May 18th, 2017, 5:00 pm

During my visit to Las Vegas, I chatted with several local magicians. But prior to my arrival, I was told about a visiting magician who would be in town the same week. So, prior to my arrival I made plans via email to schedule a chat with award winning German magician, Timo Marc. We almost didn't get together due to both of our busy schedules plus he was ill for a few days earlier in the week. But just the night before both of us were to wing our way to our respective homes, fate intervened and we were able to catch an open hour near the high roller slot machines in the Orleans Hotel & Casino. We had a wonderful chat about all things magic including a comparison of our two network television "sister" shows "America's Got Talent [sic]" and "Germany's Got Talent [sic]". We also talk about his theater back home near Stuttgart and how he created a unique, award-winning act.

You can watch a YouTube video of his "Shadow Act", see some photos, read the blog, listen to the podcast online and download the MP3 file at: https://www.themagicwordpodcast.com/sco ... /timo-marc Of course you can always listen through iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

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