Bond Lee Manipulation Balls now available in the US

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Bond Lee Manipulation Balls now available in the US

Postby sterlini » December 20th, 2016, 10:49 am

If this is not allowed here, my apologies. We are the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the new Bond Lee Manipulation Balls in the US. After 30 years of experience with other products, I can honestly say this is a fantastic product that I completely endorse and highly recommend. These will become the new standards for ball manipulators. I am excited to be able to offer this product as quality manipulation balls have not been readily available in the US for some time. Obviously, white is the most popular, but check out the colors. This picture I attached may be the balls before "polishing" as the seems are not visible in the final product

PRESALE PRICE - 4 Balls, 2 Shells - $60

Here is a link if you'd like more info. I also did a video with my thoughts and more info ... s-1-7.html



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Re: Bond Lee Manipulation Balls now available in the US

Postby JC225 » March 12th, 2018, 5:58 pm

I've had the pleasure of working with John Sterlini and having three different sets of the Bond Lee manipulation balls, two sets in the 1.7" and I currently have moved up to the 2" balls. The feel and control of these are beautiful. The shells are a wonderful surprise and fit the balls extremely well without being to snug and getting hung up or at the other end of the spectrum, being so awful and poorly made they are just falling off. The shells are covered in the same silicone used to make the balls and have the same nice feel and control. The ball's bounce, wash clean with warm water (and I use mild soap If needed) and the cost is a nice change compared to other sets on the market.

If your are looking for a set don't hesitate to get in touch with John at and order a set. I do know currently that the demand for the balls is extremely high and John being the exclusive U.S. distributor, they don't last long once they get to him.

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