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International Magic "Magic Social"

Postby Matthew Field » November 23rd, 2015, 9:36 am

There was to be no MacMillan International Magic Convention this year, but then came the word that an event was planned, a one-day event of some kind, more to come later. Then a date was announced, Sunday November 22, and a place, the fuinction room at the George IV pub in Chiswick.

I love the MacMillan family and I love the convention, known to many as Ron's day in memory of the late Ron MacMillan, wonderful performer, owner of International Magic, and friend to many -- I had the pleasure of meeting him once just after moving to the UK.

This was, it said on the wristband we were given, a "Magic Social," which indeed it was. The pub is beautiful and large, and the function room, in a small separate building (shed), easily held the 300 or so people and was equipped with some raised seats in the rear, a stage with ltheatrical lighting and loudspeakers.

Martin, Georgia and Teresa MacMillan were there among other members of the family, and Noel Britten was the compere. Events were held at 1, 3, 5,7 and 9 and first up was an interview by Noel of Terry Herbert. This was followed by a panel consisting of James Freedman, Richard Young, John Archer and Duncan Trillo discussing whether magic is an Art, and how they felt about using magic on YouTube to comment on the tragedy in Paris.

Among the people I saw and hugged were Andy Nyman and his son Preston, Amanda Eve Nicot, Jon Randall, the aforementioned MacMillans, Paul Kieve, Ian Rowland, Richard McDougall and lots more. I had to leave early because of the three hour journey each way to my home in Hastings.

The news relayed by Noel Britten was that the reason there was no 2015 convention was financial, and Noel was taking on the burden of providing the financial support for the convention (and perhaps the London Festival of Magic which has taken place on the weekdays preceeding the convention itself for the past several years) because it means so much to him.

It means so much to me as well.

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Re: International Magic "Magic Social"

Postby performer » November 23rd, 2015, 10:01 am

I worked with International Magic for years and I remember the very first Day of Magic. I am surprised it ran into finance difficulties this year. A sign of the times, I suppose for brick and mortar magic shops. That is the internet for you.
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Leo Garet
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Re: International Magic "Magic Social"

Postby Leo Garet » November 23rd, 2015, 10:17 am

Thanks for that report. Much appreciated. Not quite sure what the final paragraph is all about, however.

Do I understand that the MacMillan’s aren’t overly-involved in the convention these days? And that Noel Britten is The Man? I haven’t been for a very long time (age and distance among other things) and haven’t seen Noel for more than a while, so I’m well out of touch.

Big Shame if the convention is fading. But then, to echo Performer, it’s likely a sign of the times. It was too bad when Abra vanished and too bad when the British Ring conventions lost their sparkle. And, well, fill in the gaps as appropriate. :(

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