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Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: June 9th, 2015, 10:56 am
by Tom Dobrowolski
My latest set of lecture notes "Game of Tom Tricks are Coming" is now available as a PDF! Pre-order folks check your email. Anyone else interested in ordering a set they are $15.00 for the PDF emailed directly to you. They have not yet been added to my website so to order a set you can PayPal $ 15.00 to and put in the note section "For Game of Tom" notes." Thanks for your interest and ongoing support! Any questions, etc. let me know. Here’s the information:

My all new lecture notes for 2015 featuring more great, fun magic you will use from my friends and me!

“Something Borrowed Something New” Jack Carpenter You’ll be doing some amazing visual magic with very little effort and a freely selected card. You’ll love this!

“Misdirection:The Way of The Monkey” David Kuraya David sent me a clip of this strange and wonderful effect and I HAD to have it for the notes! As David says “This is perhaps the strangest thing I have been playing with with recently. It’s a work in progress, but at Tom’s request, I am happy to share it” You’ll be happy he did too!

“Trent’s Ribbon” Trent James My lousy name for a great very quick, very visual stand up piece with a ribbon. It fooled me and will fool you. You’ll love doing this one.

“Increasing the Odds” Patrick Flanagan One simple strong entertaining demonstration in “cheating at cards” that you can use to lead into another routine or as a stand alone effect.

“Whitewall” Jeff Prace A wonderful simple concept limited only by your imagination that turns your iPhone/Smartphone into an even more magical device. Heck it’s so simple even I can do it!

“Turkish Ice Cream Sandwich” Curtis Kam In Curtis’ own words: “No doubt you've seen that video of a Turkish ice cream salesman relentlessly pranking his customers with manipulations of cones and ice cream that defy anticipation, not to mention American food safety laws. Decades before that video went viral, I came across a wonderful dodge in R. Paul Wilson's The Red-Headed League in which cards vanish from plain sight only to reappear in the deck, sandwiching a selection. Starting there, I put together a three-phase routine that jerks the audience around by its collective nose almost as mercilessly as a Turkish ice cream salesman.”

“Tom’s Poker” Tom Dobrowolski A four card Poker game I developed to sell to casinos to make BILLIONS!! 4 players 4 cards 4 Rules “4” loads of fun!

“2 Card Flip” Joe Cole 2 selected cards, found 2 ways, found 2 times and 2 much fun 2 do!!

“What You “Wynnn” in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” Tom Dobrowolski With just 3 coins I hit the Jackpot and then just as quickly hit the road busted out. You’ll learn a few easy move and displays that will make you look like you have Curtis Kam “Palms of Steel”.

“Easy As One,Two,Three” John Carey An excerpt from John’s wonderful new book “Crafted with Carey” this piece is a combination of the classic inversion plot, married with Paul Cummins fantastic “Flasher” premise from his lecture notes “FASDIU”. If you haven’t yet you should buy John’s book.

“One To-Go Box Please!” Jeremiah Zuo A visual pun for the magically inclined. Two selected cards. One is found in between two jokers which come out of the box. The second is found inside a box which came out of the two jokers.

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: June 17th, 2015, 4:20 pm
by Tom Dobrowolski
A satisfied "Game of Tom" customer....

"I have only read and tried the first 3 effects in this book.

I already have one of them from John Careys fantastic book, but having read just 3 of these contributions I feel I have had more than my moneys worth.

I don't know how Tom does it, but he seems to be able to get his friends to give him mega solid commercial magic.

The monkey trick (from David Kuraya) is the best effect I have read for ages and as I already do card & deck into onto and in box, hundreds of times a month, this is going straight into my working set.The comedy aspect of this is right up my street as I am a crazy sort of performer. So for me this is gold.

Can't wait to get through the rest of this material.

Thank you Tom.

10 out of 10 and you don't go to school ha.
Mike Donoghue"

Thanks Mike and I don't know how I do it either....other than I have really talented and generous friends!!

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: June 19th, 2015, 12:01 pm
by Tom Dobrowolski
The notes are now available as an instant download through my website. It's worth clicking on the link just to see the image my webmaster did for the notes....

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: June 27th, 2015, 10:40 pm
by Tom Dobrowolski
A few kind comments from the newest Genii columnist Jeff Prace:

"I contributed to these notes, but I also attended the live lecture and read the entire PDF.

There is some awesome stuff in here! The winner of the booklet is "Tom's Poker." It's a funny routine, and the ending is surprising, fooling, and amazing.

Other highlights are "Trent's Ribbon," “Easy As One, Two, Three,” and, well, my trick. Smile

Definitely worth the money, as is the previous lecture bundle Tom is offering!"

Thanks Jeff! ... f-tom.html ... ions2.html

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: July 3rd, 2015, 11:06 am
by Tom Dobrowolski
Excerpts from the H&R Books latest e-newsletter:

“What an excellent week for magic! First off, the new Tomas Blomberg book, BLOMBERG LABORATORIES, arrived. This is one of those rare must-have books for the close up magician.

Next up, we have the new 4 DVD set from Dani DaOrtiz. Dani's card magic is incredible and will fool EVERYONE! Last, but not least, we have GAME OF TOM, from Tom Dobrowolski. This is the newest set of lecture notes from Tom, and yet again, he has somehow beat some great contributions from his well known friends.

Game of Tom 2015 Lecture Notes by Tom Dobrowolski

I don't know Tom Dobrowolski very well, but he must be a likeable guy. He somehow coerces great tricks from people who tend to stay "underground." So, either he is extremely nice, or he has some dirt on some pretty good magicians. On top of Tom's own fantastic contributions, you will find effects by Jack Carpenter, David Kuraya, Trent James, Patrick Flanagan, Jeff Prace, Curtis Kam, Joe Cole, John Carey and Jeremiah Zuo. I became a fan of Tom's after reading his first two sets of notes, which we also carry. The notes are inexpensive and for that alone, we should thank him! ................$15” ... d-a9b3b12d

I couldn't agree more about the Blomberg and DaOrtiz book and DVD'S.

Those are kind words from Marshall about my new notes BUT I’m not all that likable of a guy nor do I have dirt on anyone (ha ha) I just have extremely generous friends that for some reason continue to support and contribute wonderful material to this little project of mine. Thanks to them AND to all who purchase the note for the support! ... f-tom.html

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: August 1st, 2015, 10:47 pm
by Tom Dobrowolski
I'll be in Las Vegas for Magic Live! from Friday August 7 through the convention. If you have any questions or want to see something from thi set of notes or one of the others just let me know. Also make sure to say hi! ... f-tom.html

Re: Game of Tom Tricks are Coming Tom Dobrowolski 2015 Notes

Posted: August 15th, 2015, 12:20 pm
by Tom Dobrowolski
Nice review of the notes by John Guastaferro in the September issue of Genii. Check it out. It's very fair and accurate. They are available as a download through my website listed above. BTW filmed "Tom's Poker" whilst at Magic Live! to be released through Big Blind Media.