Not really magic, but ...

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Bill Marquardt
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Not really magic, but ...

Postby Bill Marquardt » June 29th, 2014, 3:07 am

If you have not seen this "balance" act before, take fifteen minutes to watch this act that appeared on Japanese television.

Very magical, if not actually magic. If you are tempted to quit halfway through, forward to the last minute or two to see the conclusion.

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Re: Not really magic, but ...

Postby PickaCard » June 29th, 2014, 6:45 pm

Wow! Thanks for sharing that.

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Brad Jeffers
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Re: Not really magic, but ...

Postby Brad Jeffers » June 29th, 2014, 10:13 pm

I prefer Miyoko Shida's performance , however both are terrific.

I wonder what is the origin of this act?

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Re: Not really magic, but ...

Postby fausstroll » June 30th, 2014, 5:30 am

The act is Sanddorn Balance, it was created by the swiss Maedir Eugster Rigolo from circus Rigolo in 1996.

He was the only person to perform it during 15 years. Then he decided to transmit it to few persons. He has presently 5 "disciples"

Each one of them has its own style and I find all of them wonderfull.

This video from an art installation (and not a circus performance) has all the essence of this act:

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